iStock_000038011578SmallMAB offers complete outsourcing of the investor relations functions for clients.  We are able to respond to inquiries from both current and potential shareholders, whether they are from individual or institutional investors, in a language that is appropriate for each. We maintain a separate contact management system for each firm we represent for existing shareholders as well as interested parties.

We deliver targeted, effective, and result-oriented investor communications programs. Our work ethic is unmatched in the industry. We are very selective about who we choose to represent, careful not to sacrifice our reputation, built first and foremost, on integrity. If we would not invest in your business ourselves, we will not represent you.

With extensive contacts throughout the finance industry, and years of industry experience, we are able to reach the full range of institutional investors–from small funds to tier ones–as well as high net worth individuals, financial advisors, and the firms that service high net worth individual and institutional investors.  In addition, we are acquainted with owners and managers of on-line research sites and communities, along with sell side analysts and major investment banking organizations.

Recognizing differences that make each business unique, we tailor our programs to suit each client, no matter their current stage of development, expanding our services as their growth warrants.  Plus, should negative publicity or a mishap require an instant response, we are always available to respond quickly and appropriately.  Our service is second only to our integrity.  When our clients need us, we are ready to help, no matter the day or time.  If your business never sleeps, neither will ours.  And we will not make you sign a long term contract, or overload you with services you do not yet need.  Together, we will design the program that best suits your needs and budget.

Services that we provide for public companies include:

  • Targeted marketing to proper investors for your stage of development
  • Interested party communications to analysts, investors, and prospects
  • Design and implementation of analyst days
  • Conference advisory including which to attend and what presentations to use
  • Effective press release advisory including all material events as well as earnings
  • Coordinate and attend targeted investor marketing trips
  • Investor feedback studies
  • Sell side research solicitation
  • Comparative peer analysis
  • Social networking strategy
  • Respond to all inquiries in an effective timely manner
  • Create and disseminate investor materials
  • Board presentations and advisory